The Elite (Selection #2)

I of course had to start the second book right away because I mean who couldn’t want to know what was going to happen?! I had to know if America was going to start having feelings for Maxon and let them happen or if she is going to given into Aspen. Which I don’t think she should because I think her and Maxon belong together.

I was sad that things had to end the way they did with Marlee. I also thought it was very interesting how things have changed from our time now, like how they stopped celebrating Halloween and how the history books are hidden basically. I like what is happening between America and Maxon but also at the same time I don’t like that she is being so indecisive and is in a way starting to push him away into looking at other women.


I really like Queen Amberly and really do not like the King. I would be happy if he went away. I like that the girls are starting to all become friends. I also like that Maxon stands up to his dad for America and that she always does what she thinks is right even if it means that she will be punished for it or people will get in trouble for it. I thought this second book was well written and still kept me intrigued and hoping that Maxon and America will end up together. I know she has feelings for Aspen but he was her first love and doesn’t mean she can’t find love with Maxon.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5
Would I recommend: Yes, I would definitely recommend.
Favorite Quote: Again there were a lot to pick from. “It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world. It wasn’t some explosion; it wasn’t fireworks. It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out.”
Favorite Part: I like when they have the Halloween ball and America and Maxon are dancing and talking about the future.
Least Favorite Part: The part where Marlee and Carter get beat for being caught together.


The Selection (The Selection #1)

My friend had been telling me about the Selection series for awhile now and she lent me the books. I basically read the entire series in a week! A week! I usually don’t read a whole series in a week. It helped that I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happened! It also is an easier read then some books that are small type and lots of information. This one just was straight to the point which I liked.


People have mentioned this is like the bachelor meets Hunger Games. I can kind of see where they are getting that from. They have casts here that are similar to the districts and they want them gone just like they want Panem gone and the districts gone in the Hunger Games. I can see how it is similar to the bachelor in the sense that he has a group of women and has to choose. I also think it is just a book that there aren’t really any others like it. I liked the idea and the story behind it. I also found it to remind me of Ella Enchanted when Ella totally lets the prince have it and from then on he is drawn to her just like now America lets Maxon have it and he is drawn to her.

In this book America decides to apply to be part of the selection to become Maxon’s wife. She does this in part because it will help her family and her then boyfriend tells her to do it. She never thought she would get picked and surprisingly she does. This changes everything for her. Her family will receive money and she will now move up in the caste system. Right away she lets Maxon know that she has no desire to be there and doesn’t swoon over him like all the other girls. But slowly she starts to see potential and they start their relationship as being friends.

I just love the sarcastic humor that is involved in this book. I love that it makes me feel giddy like a teenager when you are in that first love phase and all the fun feelings that come with it. I just want America to pick Maxon and live happily ever after. I thought the book was well written and kept my attention. I could hardly wait to start with the second book.

Star Rating: 4 out of 5
Would I recommend: Yes, I would definitely recommend. It is a quick read and it makes you feel giddy and in love.
Favorite Quote: Too many to choose from! “The picture of me just after I’d found out Aspen was saving up to marry me. I looked radiant, hopeful, beautiful. I looked like I was in love. And some idiot thought that love was for Prince Maxon.”
Favorite Part: I loved when he had his first kiss with her. It was just so true how awkward those first kisses can be but also how cute.
Least Favorite Part: Hmmm not sure. Really liked most of it. I would say her getting so excited about being with Aspen and then him breaking her heart.

A Madness So Discreet

A Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis was the first book I received from OwlCrate. I was really excited once I had read the description of it because it typically wouldn’t be one I would pick up but once I started I couldn’t put it down. I read it in 3 days! I mean come on with this as part of the description how could you not be hooked “She keeps it locked away, along with her voice, trapped deep inside a brilliant mind that cannot forget horrific family secrets. Those secrets, along with the bulge in her belly, land her in a Boston insane asylum.” I had to know what happened!


I liked that this book had a hint of thriller to it because they are working on solving a killing spree as well as Grace trying to deal with her own demons and escaping and find a place she can find home. I thought that Dr. Thornhollow was a good character and that him and Grace together were good together. They had great banter between one another. I know the book isn’t about romance but I was still slightly rooting for them just because he truly seemed to care about her a lot. I also loved the friendship that developed between Nell, Elizabeth, and Grace. You can tell that there is some history set in this book from the time period that it was written in. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I don’t want to give it away, but if you like this type of book you should check it out!

Star Rating: 4 out of 5
Would I recommend: Yes, I would definitely recommend. It is a quick read and it keeps you hooked. 
Favorite Quote: This is hard because they had a lot of good funny parts between Grace and Thornhollow. However when he describes her to the police always made me laugh “The other day they sent her out to milk the cows and she ripped two teats clean off one of the heifers.” and “Just yesterday she chased a squirrel across the front lawn, caught him too. The nurse told me she spend hours picking all the hairs from Grace’s teeth.”
Favorite Part: My favorite part of this is really that Grace finds herself, and comes to sort of have a crazy type of family/place she can call home with Elizabeth, Janey, Dr. Thornhollow and Adelaide.
Least Favorite Part: Hmmm not really quite sure, I was pretty sad with what happened to Nell but I understand it. I wish that Grace could have somehow seen her sister again. 

Definitely check it out! Be sure to check out my twitter @frominktopaper 

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) Review

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you are having a good first day of the week. I know I wasn’t ready for the weekend to be over. School starts in a week and I know that is going to cut back on my fun reading time so I am sad about that! But I will always find time to read some here and there! Today’s review is on the final book in the Sookie Stackouse series, Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris.

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13)

Here is a quick synopsis for you:
There are secrets in the town of Bon Temps, ones that threaten those closest to Sookie—and could destroy her heart… Sookie Stackhouse finds it easy to turn down the request of former barmaid Arlene when she wants her job back at Merlotte’s. After all, Arlene tried to have Sookie killed. But her relationship with Eric Northman is not so clearcut. He and his vampires are keeping their distance…and a cold silence. And when Sookie learns the reason why, she is devastated. Then a shocking murder rocks Bon Temps, and Sookie is arrested for the crime. But the evidence against Sookie is weak, and she makes bail. Investigating the killing, she’ll learn that what passes for truth in Bon Temps is only a convenient lie. What passes for justice is more spilled blood. And what passes for love is never enough…

The final installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead Ever After, was a good conclusion to the series. I had actually gotten a little tired of the series with the two before this one, and am glad this one was more of an enjoyable read. I had always like Sookie and Eric together, but I was always torn that I thought she should end up with someone else, and that just the sneaky way Eric got her with him just didn’t seem like it would last. Now I was totally more for Eric than Alcide or the Tiger guy or even Bill, although there were still parts of Bill and Sookie together that I liked. It is still that Sookie seems to get herself in near death experiences quit often again in this book, like the rest, but then again when you hang around with supernatural creates and are part fairy yourself what else can you expect. I am glad that the pity party of Sam being all weirded out about coming back from the dead didn’t last long because seriously dude you are back from the dead, be happy you are alive. I liked that you were left guessing for a while who the devil was and who was after Sookie, I started to piece it together the more I got into the book, however, I was not right about how her cousin would end up being “the devil”. I definitely thought that the way Eric just kind of ended it with her was kind of sad, but was glad that Pam is the new sheriff and that at least she liked Sookie. I did not like that Eric thought he could just stroll in there and make Sam not be her friend, just because he was all jealous about him being saved and what not. I am glad that in the end she ends up with Sam, or so you are left to believe. But me being me I like the happy endings and think in my head that Sookie and Sam are still together. I will have to read the book where the questions are answered. Overall I thought it was a good conclusion to the series, I assume that magically though no more death attempts on Sookie’s life?!

Star Rating: 4 out of 5
Would I recommend: Yes. I know that a lot of people I talked to were not sure if they should finish out the series because they were getting frustrated with some things, but this is worth it. It actually is a book that pretty much sums everything up and it is a good ending to the series. I was happy with it.
Favorite Quote: I have two this time around “Life should imitate romance literature far more often.” (Isn’t that the truth?!) and “Your life was not right when you were actually surprised that someone didn’t want to kill you.”
Favorite Part: My favorite part of this book is that she ends up with Sam and finally lets herself be with someone who cares about her and isn’t going to get her mixed up in everything. I also liked that Pam is the new sheriff and that she and Sookie can stay friends.
Least Favorite Part: Just the fact that Eric just like gives in and marries the other vampire. I know I didn’t want her to end up with him, but still they were technically married.

I hope you enjoyed my review and keep coming back for more! Have a good evening!

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner #2) Review

Happy hump day everyone! Yay we made it to the middle of the week. I just recently finished up The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner, the second in the Maze Runner trilogy. So here is my lovely review on it!

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2)

First of course the synopsis of it:
Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end. Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch. There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die. The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them. Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off. There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive.

The second book in the Maze Runner trilogy, The Scorch Trials, was a good book. I actually thought it was better than the first. The first thing that I really liked was that bam right off the bat you are into the story and not having to back track like most authors do. Meaning that they usually summarize in some way the last book, but this one starts where it left off and doesn’t hold off on the twists and excitement. The second thing I really liked was that he did not use shuck as much, this may seem like a silly thing for some to be excited about but I truly enjoyed that it didn’t seem as childish with the fake cuss word. Third I really liked the twits and plot points that are brought up in this book. I like that Teresa is now labeled the betrayer and up until the end of the book you are still trying to figure out if she is good or if she is really a betrayer. I am glad that none of the main characters died in this book and like the dynamic the new characters bring to the story. I am very interested to continue on with the third book and see how this story ends. I think this was a good concept for a book and it has left me trying to guess and figure out what is going on. Especially since they apparently all have “the flare” and are going to die if they don’t get a cure. And then right at the end you are thrown for a loop in that Thomas is no longer with the group again!

Star Rating: 4 out of 5
Would I recommend: Yes I think it is a great continuation of the story and in fact better than the first. I am very curious as to how this is going to end in the next book, so this one definitely keeps you wanting more.
Favorite Quote: ““No. I kind of accepted it, in a way. That saving you was worth losing what we might’ve had.” (just showing more of is she or isn’t she a betrayer)
Favorite Part: It is hard to pick a favorite part in this book because there are many parts I liked because of the plot twists they provided. Like in the beginning when you see that Teresa is labeled the betrayer and now they all have tattoos and then later in the city you see the signs about Thomas.
Least Favorite Part: Just the use of the word shuck.

Hope everyone enjoyed this review and continue to come back and read others.

Coming of the Hour Review & Author Interview

Happy August everyone!

I have been real bad about my blogging recently I have been sick and allergies have been driving me crazy and then work and life got in the way! Anyway here is my latest review for Coming of the Hour by Harrison Charles (@WriteOnharrison). This was my first ARC and I was super excited to read this and was honored to be selected to be one of the first to read this book.

Product Details

This is definitely a thriller book with some twists and turns that you don’t see coming. Here is the description of this book: “When a bizarre recording of a popular clergyman’s murder is tauntingly left at the scene, concerned Georgians want answers. Engulfed by the heat of a hotly contested gubernatorial race bodies begin surfacing in awe inspiring places. Old wounds reopen when the impeccable Christine Chase becomes unnervingly devoted to a polymathic death row inmate. Constricted by a world that pits the individual against the establishment, and the insignificant against the elite; Douglass Parson reclaims his contemptuous position as public enemy number one. Galvanized by a set of inconceivable circumstances he unleashes the full extent of his wrath on the entire state, manifesting the unimaginable into a reality.”

I liked that you got to see the story from different perspectives of the people in the story. I also enjoyed that you thought you knew who someone was in the story and then bam you are thrown for a loop on who they really are! The concept of this story definitely hits home in the world that we are living in today. Harrison Charles is not afraid to talk about points that are hard to think about in normal life, but that need to be brought attention to. The idea that our legal system makes mistakes is definitely true. If you are wanting a book that makes you think about different topics and enjoy a good suspenseful book this is a good one for you. I was definitely trying to figure out how it was going to end and figure out who had really done the crime as I was reading the book. I was rooting for some and definitely rooting for some characters to get what was coming to them. You are even left wondering if Doug Parsons is innocent or if he is really guilty. I enjoyed that the ending was a hopeful one and that I was not left hating the legal system in the book!

I was also lucky to be able to interview the author, Harrison Charles, after I finished this book. Here it is:

1)What inspired you to write this book?
I don’t think there is one particular event that I can recall. I think it was more of me seeing if there was anything tangible that I could offer to the literary world. Something thought provoking; not just another routine suspense/thriller.

2) What research did you do before writing this?
The loin’s share of research came from my Encyclopedia Britannica collection and Google. A fair amount also came from friends, relatives and my own life experiences.

 3) Who was your favorite character to write?
I think each character brought their own unique element to the overall plot. That being said, Douglass Parson had to be the one I took the most joy and sorrow developing. I knew he would incite the greatest amount of emotion from the reader. The great Sivan Goldstein would be a close second. Her character offered so much wit and pizazz; while at the same time exhibiting stern conviction and a sound moral compass.

4) Who is an author that has inspired you to become a writer?
I would say Robert Ludlum and his Vampire Chronicles. He really exposed me to the pull of quality literature. Tami Hoag was another who made me appreciate well written stories.

5) What advice do you have for others who want to write a book?
My first bit of advice would be to try to write about things you’ve already experienced. To me ideas seem to grow into more believable stories when there’s a certain part of personal connection attached to it. I would also encourage potential authors to be sure writing is something they do out of love rather than the prospect of fame and fortune. In my opinion this stance produces better writing while saving them from fits of disappointment upon realizing that selling books is not a get rich quick scheme. Persistence would be my last one. I once read that: Goals cannot be achieved with talent, genius, or education alone. Persistence is the key.

6) If your book was turned into a movie who would play the main characters?
Laugh!…….That’s a good one! In a perfect world I’d have Brad Pitt play the role of Parson. I’d put a young Sharon Stone in the role of Kathy. To add even more star power and push my budget into the stratosphere; I’d feature the late Heath Ledger in the part of Stockton. Tommy Lee Jones would make a great Gordon Stuckey. If we could bring back Seymour Hoffman he’d be unforgettable as Matthew Grainger.  Hilary Swank as Sivan would be an artful contrast to Sharon Stone. Jack Nicholson would do a number on the cast as Harry Fawell.

7) Favorite part of the process of writing your book?
My favorite part of the book writing process would definitely be seeing the finished product. Writing a novel is a daunting prospect. So yes, the day I held the printed copy will be one I’ll cherish forever.

8) Any more books planned in the future?
Certainly!….My next project will be a fiction piece titled Pierced by a Rose. It spins off of Coming of the Hour, and introduces the reader to new characters Bailey Red and Sanders Bogart. It’s billed as a suspense thriller that illuminates the shadowy world of sex trafficking while showcasing a murderous vigilante who’s committed to making the profiteers pay. In each of my novels my aim is to take an issue that plagues the world, then fuse it with an imaginable story that hopefully encourages real life change.

9) When will Pierced by a Rose be released?
As of today it’s slated for a mid-2016 release. I’m not into haphazardly inking out books so I can trumpet a vast portfolio. I pride myself in giving the reader a product they can truly enjoy rather than just some manuscript with my name on it.

I thought that Mr. Charles’s answer on who would play the characters in a movie was great! I can imagine them in my head. Once again I would like to thank Mr. Charles for giving me the opportunity to read his book before it was published and letting me interview him as well. 🙂

Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) Review

Hello World!

Sorry it has been awhile been busy with some life stuff and switching jobs around and what not but here I am. Fellow readers did you miss me?! Today I am going to catch up on my reviews for Vampire Academy so that I can write the review for the 3rd one which I just finished.

Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)

This is the second installment in the Vampire Diaries series. This one I had no idea the story line going into it because there was no movie to watch. I liked this because I like not knowing what is going to happen as I read.

Quick synopsis: After Victor tried to kidnap Lissa and use her Spirit power to heal him he has been taken to prison and his poor daughter has been killed because he convinced her to turn Strigoi. It is now time for winter break at St. Vladimir’s but this winter break is far from the normal. Strigoi are starting to team up, which is not very Strigoi like, and they have launched attacks again royal Moroi families. Because of this threat all of the students and their families are going to the ski lodge to stay protected. Rose is still in love with Dimitri and it gets complicated when Christian Ozera’s aunt comes to town and starts trying to steal Dimitri away to be her guardian and have a relationship with him. Rose finally decides to give her friend Mason a chance because of this. Three of Rose’s friends run away from the lodge thinking they can attack some Strigoi and Rose goes to help but things get complicated and don’t go well at all.

I enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was a good continuance of the story. Lissa is still with Christian which is nice and Rose is slowly starting to come around to him. Then a new Moroi enters the picture, Adrian, who has a thing for Rose who he calls “little Damphir”. While they are at the ski lodge some Moroi students, and adults as well, feel like they should learn to use their magic to help attack Strogoi, because really why wouldn’t you use magic in fighting them if you could. Seems a no brainer there to me, but whatever. There are some student guardians who think they can take on Strigoi and they run away and try to go find their lair. Rose and Christian go after them to stop them and of course find themselves in trouble and they all end up being captured. After a couple of days they finally are able to escape their ties thanks to Moroi magic and Rose’s smart thinking. Rose gets everyone out and is facing off with the Strigoi she is about to have to start worrying if she is going to be able to do them with Mia helps by using her water magic. Rose is able to kill both of them but not before Mason comes back to save her and he is killed in the process. This of course is real hard on Rose and she breaks down as soon as her mom arrives. Mason was her best friend and he loved her and she blames herself for not being able to save him. She however is now the youngest guardian to get her Molnija marks. This was an intense book in the sense that you weren’t sure what was going to happen! I am glad that Rose was able to prove she had it in her and that Dimitri chose to stay because he loved Rose too much to go with Christian’s aunt. I love Adrian’s character because him and Rose’s interaction is just too funny. I am definitely excited to read the next book!

Star Rating: 5 out of 5
Would I recommend: Yes I think it is a great continuation of the story. I am very interested to see where this goes.
Favorite Quote: “What matters is that someone—that you—know me that well. When a person can see into your soul, it’s hard. It forces you to be open. Vulnerable. It’s much easier being with someone who’s just more of a casual friend.”
Favorite Part: I really kind of liked when you saw a change in Mia and saw that she was growing as a character. I also liked when the Moroi were saying they should be able to fight.
Least Favorite Part: None

Well that is all for now! Next review to come soon! Happy Tuesday!